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"Rude anons, stans, haters, antis"

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[TLP CHANGSHA] D.O: The lobster Lay hyung’s mum made was very nice! All the members are nodding their heads and saying “dui dui dui” D.O said thanks to Lay’s mum in Changsha dialect
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[140727] KAI: “I’m really happy to be in China, in Changsha..now that I look at it, I think I can easily remember Changsha fans’ faces, everyone seems to look like Yixing hyung.”


Changsha TLP
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Lay (Zhang Yixing)

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"Lay's Changsha Rap 140727 (ft. Chanyeol beatbox)"

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[TLP CHANGSHA] Xing: Changsha dishes are nice right? Luhan: Of course boss Zhang



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Lay: Luge, I’ll teach you a Changsha dialect. Do you know how to say “what happened”
Luhan: i dont know, how to say?
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[140727 Changsha TLP ] LAYHAN

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"Luhan calling Yixing baby"

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[140727 TLP in CHANGSHA] Yixing: “Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Zhang Yixing. Really happy to come back in Changsha and see you again guys. Do you feel happy? I think not only there are fans from Changsha here, but there are fans from all over the world who came here. Thank you everyone. Are you guys tired from travelling all over? Thank you guys. Also, to let you happen know more about Changsha, I’ve prepared a rap from about I want to say. Listen carefully to the rap, okay? *YIXING RAPS WHILE CHANYEOL BEATBOXES* Thank you very much, Chanyeol. Actually, our 11 people particularly like Changsha and Changsha dishes. I am aspiring to promote the culture of my hometown. I’m really happy to see you. I love you all.”


cr. 小楠大北

audio of yixing’s speech | yixing’s rap with chanyeol

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